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Wild Muscovy Duck

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Wild Fowl Trust, Pointe-A-Pierre

Black in colour with a prominent green tinge. Patches of white on the wings. Red warts on the face. Two blue white bands on the face. Bills are barred black and pink . Females are smaller and duller in colour and do not have the red warts on the face. This species has been domesticated and among the domesticated birds wide variations of plumage occur. their Wing Length is 400-500 mm and their weight can be up to 5 kilograms. Their voice is a harsh quack.

A rare visitor to Trinidad but the Pointe-A-Pierre Wildlife Trust has a breeding program.    They are omnivorous feeding on  termites and other insects, tadpoles and small reptiles, some aquatic vegetation and grain. The Wild Muscovy is a gregarious species that moves in flocks of 6 -15. They are forest ducks and prefer shady, wooded or forested areas that are close to or surrounded by wetland areas, so they are generally found in swamps and marshes. They roost in tree hollows or crowns of Moriche palms. 

Family - Ducks

Other Names - Greater Wood Ducks

Latin Name - Cairina moschata

Range - Central America and northern South America


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